Here's just a small sampling of what I do:

Two Person Bench with Cooler and Table

Two Person Bench with Cooler and Table

His and Hers Bench

The very first piece of functional art I created. From now on I'll let the carpenter do the heavy lifting and stick to design.

Materials were probably north of two thousand dollars here, though that is beauty of re-purposing materials after they have met the end of their functional life.

Repurposed Dresser

Repurposed Dresser

TV Stand

Moving out, I had a need for a dresser and not a whole lot of money. Found a 4-drawer dresser (missing a drawer) at a yard sale for 50¢, removed another drawer to make a nice big shelf, and I had a functional TV stand.

I sanded down the top and the remaining two drawers to reveal a beautiful light wood. Burn the design, stain, poly, and add some new hardware. Done.

Volkswagen Blanket Chest


I've always had a fascination with quirky classic cars and the VW Caddy was the epitome of that. I found a tailgate on craigslist and decided to give it a second life. It now serves as a blanket chest and coffee table.

I sanded down some rough spots, found some galvanized pipe to use as a hinge, and put some handles on it. The handle is still used to lock it in place with the help of some brackets attached to the sides.